About us

Since 2019, Bregenz bike rental has been providing its customers with first-class bicycles.
With us you can rent quality bikes at a fair price. As passionate bikers, despite the rapid developments, we only rent bikes that meet the current trends and of which we also know that they meet the requirements of our customers. Our assortment includes e-bikes, gravel bikes, tandems, mountain bikes and touring bikes.
We believe that normal bikes still have their place just like e-bikes.
All bikes are maintained by us with much love, serviced and treated as our own! You will not find outdated systems and cheap components on our bikes. All e-bikes are equipped with reliable Bosch motors (Active Line Plus or Performance Line CX) and at least 500Wh batteries.
For the sake of the environment, we use environmentally friendly products in the workshop as much as possible (e.g.: bio-chain oil, bio-cleaner) and rely on brands that use environmentally friendly materials. 
We are therefore different from many other rental companies that just want to jump on the e-mobility trend and get involved in the bike business.
Bregenz bike rental stands for quality and customer-oriented, fast rental processing. 

we are dedicated to cycling